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Project of the Month – Internet Search ideas (July)

My side project this month is to figure out how to improve Internet Searches. over the last several years, I have been constantly impressed by how good its become.  

I strongly believe that an effective search is when the human brain is involved as opposed to just doing computational “tasks of Hercules”. I also think that for Search to go to the next level, you have to restructure the way the Internet organizes and sorts information. I will add ideas as I think or come across them throughout the month.

– Trusted websites (e.g., Wikipedia etc)

– Pivoted Search – Search Tree – bounce off different nodes, search for an people – looks for events then identifies people who were there

– Aggregate search – multiple terms stringed together more logically as opposed to by Binary association

– Search by association – literally give the search engine a standardized test question. Adam Sandler is to Happy Gilmore the same way Jim Carrey is to ?


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