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The Idea Capture Project

Finally got the wordpress app working on my blackberry. The first time around it just kept getting confused as to whether I already had a blog or needed to create a new one. This experience, in contrast to the apps that I downloaded on my wife’s ipod showed me why apple is the killer in this field.

This also commences what I label idea capture. I feel that the best ideas pop into our heads at the worst possible times, in the shower, driving etc. Almost like a dream, these are tied to our subconcisous and equally nascent unless given the white glove treatment and whisked away. This black and stainless steel BB will have to fill in for the white glove for now.

As always, thoughts welcome.


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Project of the Month – Internet Search ideas (July)

My side project this month is to figure out how to improve Internet Searches. over the last several years, I have been constantly impressed by how good its become.  

I strongly believe that an effective search is when the human brain is involved as opposed to just doing computational “tasks of Hercules”. I also think that for Search to go to the next level, you have to restructure the way the Internet organizes and sorts information. I will add ideas as I think or come across them throughout the month.

– Trusted websites (e.g., Wikipedia etc)

– Pivoted Search – Search Tree – bounce off different nodes, search for an people – looks for events then identifies people who were there

– Aggregate search – multiple terms stringed together more logically as opposed to by Binary association

– Search by association – literally give the search engine a standardized test question. Adam Sandler is to Happy Gilmore the same way Jim Carrey is to ?

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Going green, a tap at a time

Over this past 4th of July weekend, I realized that each time I turn on the tap, I use a lot more water than I really need. For example, I just need a few drops to moisten the brush.

What if, taps were set to deliver only a certain quota of water. I know many public restrooms use sensors but cannot we “hard code” this for all taps. Just a thought.

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