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Tech Breakthrough – Bulb Changer

Finally figured out to use the telescopic bulb changer.  It is not as easy looks.  Major lesson that I learned – do not throw away packaging with instructions.   It took me 3 months to realize that I was using the wrong “bulb grabber”, so could never really get it to grasp the bulb.  Also, I did not figure out how to get the rod to telescope until after spending a few minutes on the ladder which induced my fear of heights.

All in all, an eureka moment when the bulbs came off.


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Sugar and Salt

Two stories on NPR caught my attention this morning.  Both were interesting but together even more fun to listen to:

  • Salt – its commonly known that some people have far more taste buds than others.  What is interesting that these “super tasters” crave salt even though they are more senstive to it than anyone else.

  • Sugar – Drinks containing as much sugar and calories as a big mac

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