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Back from Hiatus …on a Mac!

Wow, its been a long time.  I am glad I still remembered my logon and password for WordPress.

Last week was interesting at work and other simulation that I am exposed to.  After being a Windows user for over 12 years, I finally gave up Dell at work and switched fully to a mac.  Ofcourse, using a parallel for certain apps is a minor transgression I hope.  But that timed with watching “Welcome to Mac” on CNBC, made me appreciate the design masterpiece that I am currently banging away at.  From the inherent stability to the design of the interface, I can see why there is a loyal following for a machine that does not fit in the groove neatly.

In addition, a colleague of mine pointed me to a video that showcases the “Woz” and what he is up to currently.


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