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“Marty” The Martian

Earlier this week, I attended an internal Lunch and Learn on Web User Experience.    This was an extremely interactive sessions.  They broke us up into team and had us design portals for specifics kinds of  users.  For example, 16-year old girl, 40-year old mom etc.

Not surprising given my luck with random draws, my table had the Martian to work.  The goal was to make him more “down-to-earth” and get connected locally.  We did a few fun things for “Marty”.

  1. Gave him a cool name (don’t stop reading, we did more than that)
  2. Gave him a Intergalactic Access Frame – he can choose if wants to read about that Martian volcano or follow the local Mayor (on Earth) via Twitter.
  3. Decided that Blogging is a priority for him and gave him the ability to make quick updates via his portal.
  4. Shamelessly plug our company’s other products (movie tickets, up selling communications channels) via a reference engine.

Long story short is that designing user experiences is not so random as I thought it is.  Not only do you have to understand what the user’s priorities are but you also have to live within Business rules (you cannot put everything there and you have to make money).


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