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“Do No Evil”

Recently, I had the opportunity to read the book, Google Speaks by Janet Lowe.  Even though this is a generic book (i.e., there is Bill Gates Speaks and others), I found some interesting analysis and commentary.  For example, the discussion around “Do No Evil”.  This is actually one of the key themes from their Corporate Philosophy.

  1. Does not necessarily translate into “Do nothing illegal”, given Google’s foray into IP issues and their “compromises” in China.
  2. This was great 4 years ago, when Google was a pre-IPO company but not so apt now that Microsoft (once the Voldermot of the Technology Industry) is the underdog as far as the Internet is concerned.
  3. Very loose definition of evil – are they saying that other companies are FODs (friends of the devil) by placing ads on their website.

I am sure this horse has been flogged and is adorning a handbag somewhere.  Here are my $.0223 (adjusted for inflation).


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